Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Friday - Leaving for Chania, Crete

Left home at 12:45pm. Straight to Lund to drop Pebs off and pick up Gisela. Then off to Sturup/Malmö Airport. Long check in line but it goes quickly, but then an additional fourty-five minute wait on top of the hour and a half check in time because the flight is delayed.

Then we're up and away for a boring three hour and fifteen minute flight. Little turbulence in the beginning but other than that quite uneventful. Never understood why parents let their kids stand up on their seats and run up and down the aisle though. It's bloody annoying, especially for people who already don't like flying in the first place. But the wife and I did notice, and have concurred with many others that for some people, the vacation starts on the way to the vacation destination, so they let go of everything, including the kids.

Touch down, then a two minute bus ride to the terminal. Bags arrive quickly and in five minutes we're on the bus, and after fifteen minutes we're on the move. But by the time we get going it is already dark and we can only hope that all the other motorists get out of the way for this large bus, traveling at speed on these narrow roads.

The tour guide on the bus is trying to tell us about the surroundings which we can't see, and after thirty minutes or so, ten minutes from the resort, we suddenly come upon Portos Platanias. The strip is lit up like Vegas, and there are hundreds of tourists. Thousands. Everything looks the same: resorts, souvenirs stores, restaurants, bike rentals, car rentals, ATV rentals, resorts; a never ending strip of commercialism of the worst kind, and we'll be staying smack dab in the middle of it all. As we would come to find out later, this would actually be a good thing. 

Check into our apartment in the Porto Platanias Village Resort and the floor is dirty and there's a used towel in the bathroom. Some youngsters are next door partying and the safe doesn't work. We call the front desk. The safe is extra. Room service will be up to clean the room. And, we missed dinner so food and drinks are in the fridge; dry sandwiches and water. Forget this! To the the strip!

We're on the move, taking in the repetitive sights and sounds, then find a nice looking food joint. In a few minutes we're in gyro heaven - the damn thing was perfect. I wolf mine down and finish the rest of Cat's. Head back to the hotel poolside bar for our all inclusive drink access. Two mojitos please!

The alcohol dispensers are automatically controlled so the bartenders can only make watered down versions of every drink, unless you pay for the real deal. Blah. Night time snack menu: a cauldron of what appears to be soup, and there are no snacks. Interesting first night. Let's see if things are better under the sun.

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